Watermelonier Than Ever!

There was so much demand for watermelon last year that we decided to double(!) the tonnage this year in order to assure everyone has as much as they want of the ice chilled treat all the way until closing.

We’ve also added a fantastic Watermelon Games Arena for all sorts of crazy activities, including watermelon skiing! If you have no idea what that is watch the competitive teams for a while and then join in the fun when it’s opened for casual skiing or compete against three others in the bungee pull. Be sure to bring a fresh shirt or top to change into because you will likely need the changing room after getting a chest and face full of watermelon! It is messy and fun all at the same time.

We’ve added a culinary tent and free samples of our cooking demonstrations and food authors who can speak to the history watermelon and the health benefits this wonderful fruit. Or is it a vegetable? Come find out and learn how to make unique dishes. Each food vendor will share a unique dish that includes watermelon. Taste the eats and treats and enjoy!