Watermelon Skiing

Tell your friends that in July you’re going to the California Watermelon Festival in to…ski!

We’re not even kidding. We’re bringing this favorite Australian pastime to our shores because it just looked too insanely fun to pass up. Your skis are watermelons and your propulsion is provided by two rope pullers. The secret to success is to slightly bend your knees, Hang on to the rope tightly, stay balanced and smile because you are about to have an exhilarating ski ride or have a face full of watermelon. Probably both.

Bring a change of clothes because it does get a bit messy. Alright it gets a lot messy. But don’t worry we have an outdoor shower rinse and separate lady’s and men’s changing rooms. Oh, and be sure to bring a friend to take your picture because this is definitely on the bucket list! Better yet, have your friend ski with you!

You have unlimited retries. You must be at least 10 years old to enjoy this ride. The skiing is free. The fun is priceless!

Melon Skiing – Hilariously Fun and Challenging
Do it with a friend!