Watermelonier Than Ever!

We gave you 43,000 pounds of watermelon last year. You ate almost all of it and you said, “MORE!”

So we gave you watermelon drinks, watermelon foods, a beer tent, fantastic music acts, all kinds of yummy foods, a culinary tent dedicated to amazing watermelon carvers and cooking demonstrations. And you shouted, “MORE!!”

Kids, we helped you ski on watermelons for crying out loud! We had stunt cyclists doing flips over your head, children’s theater musicals, popsicles, balloon twisters, magic shows, crafts, clowns, games and prizes, bubble parties, watermelon cotton candy, even unlimited pony rides, all included with your ticket! Unbelievable! And still you screamed, “MORE!!!

Word of your demand has reached the Watermelon King and Queen’s ears. Fortunately, his excellency and her grace have agreed to MORE!!! But in return you must come to the festival and at the parade in their honor bend the knee and declare that you have received MORE, that this festival is indeed watermelonier than ever.