World Record Attempts

World Record Holder Ron Sarchian to Attempt Five More World Records at the California Watermelon Festival

Ron Sarchian, holder of five records in the Guinness Book of World Records, is going to attempt to break a stunning five additional world records in one weekend at the California Watermelon Festival.

Ron is going to attempt the following records on festival weekend:

  1. Most watermelons smashed by a punch in one minute. Current World Record is 70.
  2. Most watermelons split by a karate chop in one minute. Current World Record is 40.
  3. Most watermelons smashed by a roundhouse kick in one minute. Current World Record is 20.
  4. Most watermelons crushed with the thighs in one minute. Current World Record is 8.
  5. Fastest time to crush 3 watermelons with the thighs. Current World Record is 14 seconds.

Ron’s schedule of attempts will be posted on the web-site prior to festival opening. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get results as they happen!

Ron’s prior records were incredible feats of stamina. Ron began punching his way into the record books in 2004 with a “Punchbag Marathon” lasting 36 hours and 3 minutes, throwing over 100,000 punches. The next record to fall was “Most Consecutive Full-Contact Punches in One Hour” at 15,089 consecutive punches. In 2006 he threw 5,545 front kicks to set the record in “Most Full-Contact Kicks in One Hour” followed in 2007 by “Most Roundhouse Kicks in One Minute” at 130. That’s more than two kicks per second! Finally, in 2012, Ron went all out on a “Punchbag Marathon”, going for 50 hours and 9 minutes and throwing over 200,000 consecutive punches, a record that will surely stand for a long time!

Why Watermelons now? Sarchian says, “The first 5 Guinness World Records were extremely hard to break and during the next 5 attempts, I want to have fun! These records are all a minute or less.”

Sarchian has raised money for various charities during each of his World Records. This attempt will include the Make A Wish Foundation.

Ron has appeared in over 100 TV shows and movie productions either as an actor, a stuntman or as a stunt coordinator. Ron is currently a personal trainer, writer, producer and consultant and works as an emcee and host.  He is also a motivational speaker and loves to teach kids how important it is to have big goals and dreams, just like the ones he had as a kid, reading the Guinness Book of World Records.

Ron Sarchian can be reached at (818) 389-2522 or, and can also be found on the internet at,,, and

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