The Watermelon Games

Prepare for comedy, entertainment and all-out madness! Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Watermelon Games, a team versus team competition across 6 different events to see who is going to take home the 2017 Watermelon Games Trophy.
In the finest tradition of the Chinchilla Watermelon Festival but LA style, we are having our very messy, fun and impossible to keep your feet kind of competition where teamwork and guts are required to achieve watermelon glory.

How to Participate:

  • Get your team together! Teams will consist of 3 people which must include at least 1 female
  • Teams will compete in the form of waves on Saturday July 29th, 6-8 teams per wave
  • Each team will be guaranteed two waves
  • Finalists will go on to compete on Sunday
  • Register and pay your entry fee on-line here at the bottom of this form or at the festival on Saturday morning, July 29th from 10 – 11 am.

Competitive events

The Watermelon Games competition consists of six events:





A thrilling ski ride and test of balance and coordination. The main contestant will place their feet inside hallowed out watermelons (skis) and hold on to a rope. Their two teammates will pull each end of the rope down 80 feet of slippery tarp. Stay on your feet for full points. Avoid the smashed watermelons in your way.

10 – Reach the end of the tarp standing in your skis
5 – Reach the end holding on to the rope
0 – You are a quitter and are sacrificed to the watermelon gods


Two members from a team will be across from one another and going up against another team. Aim to grab the watermelon in their corners with both hands.

10 – First person to put both hands on his/her melon


Good ole fashion Tug of War. Two teams pull with all their might and try to keep their balance on a slippery tarp to see who’s the stronger and more agile team.

10 – First team to pull the other team across the center line


A participant from each team will put 3 watermelons in a sack (girls do 2) and scurry down the tarp while not dropping or cracking the watermelons.

10 – Under 30 seconds without dropping sack
5 – Over 30 seconds or dropped melon sack
0 – Cracked watermelons or not completed


Using a chariot made from a watermelon bin on top of a pallet with wheels, one team member will man the chariot and the other team members will pull the chariot around the course. The objective will be to complete the race in the shortest time.

10 – 1st team
8 – 2nd team
6 – 3rd team
4 – 4th team
0 – Slow people


A free for all race once you complete all the obstacles as a team. You will sprint around the Arena on slippery tarps and go under and over obstacles. This is your last chance to overtake the leader or stave of rivals. Each team member that places contributes points to his or her team!

20 – 1st place finisher
15 – 2nd
10 – 3rd
5 – 4th
0 – Slow people

Pre-race Day:

Teams will receive email indicating start time and instructions and where to pick up credentials.
Any team registering late will be automatically be added to the end wave time for the day. At the festival, each team member will be required to sign a release and waiver prior to participating

Watermelon Games Schedule



10 am

Festival Opens

10 am – 11 am

Team Registration

11:15 am – 3 pm

Day 1 Heats (2 heats per team)



11 am – 1 pm

Championship Heats

1:15 pm

Award Ceremony & Pictures


Bring a change of clothes and a towel. We will provide a rinse off stations and men’s and women’s changing rooms. Sunblock is advised.

Are you in?

Click on the button below to fill out the entry form for you team. One entry fee will be collected for the entire three-person.

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